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whisper of sea

after the storm

a lullaby 


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behind a parasol 

clouds in fire


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21407 2

I should have stayed on the balcony a little longer. Yesterday was a pleasant night after the seven days of the real tropical heat that was hard to stand. But, I decided to go to bed instead and as it usually happens, after the second ‘breath in’ I fell asleep. Fortuntely, I typed a haiku on my cell phone before I drifted away. So much of the spiritual me…

shiny moon
in rainbow sombrero
meditation time


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21407 – Cherita 4

in a shopping mol

she comes in and out
asking for opinion

in front of the wardrobe
man with begs
half awake



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drawing halo
around the moon

Linked to Carpe Diem #1218 Solar Eclipse


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20607 1


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20507 2

for too long
anchored in a sludge
an old boat

still the river flows and
sky is blue on the other side

in a shade of trees
boatman looks for truth
in the bottles of wine

still the river flows and
sky is blue on the other side

Linked to Carpe Diem #1215 cold sake (hiyazake)


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20507 1

from dusk till down

through the window frame

frozen Moon


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20407 2

scent of rain
nothing but a gray
above the treetop


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20407 1

chirping birds
from a treetop
first light

          only birds and me
expecting the first ray
above the solitaire

hue per hue
street light fades out
leaving sky in fire

through the windows silently
night hides into the pillows

Linked to Carpe Diem #1214 dawn




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