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Dreams are mirror of my soul and I pay a big attention to them, especially if I notice some strange symbolic. I still haven’t found out what is the reason why a big black dog appears there from time to time. Even more fascinating is a fact that it never comes alone but in a company of the few very old men. Although men always cause some kind of anxety, a dog never does anything but sleeping somewhere near me. A guardian or a possible danger? Who could tell…

black dog
memories flooding through
the earphones

Linked to Carpe Diem #1341 The Story of the second Old Man and of the Two Black Dogs


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22107 – Cherita 5

night on a beach

two bodyprints
in the wet sand

and the seaweed
between his fingers
trapped in a dream


exploring the night
tangled in the seaweed
salty fingers

Linked to Carpe Diem #1222 Beach


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I went to that concert just because I’m a mum. Although I usually think that my inner child is still teenager, I often find myself encapsulated, sulky and with symptoms of hard adulthood. Very fast a dissatisfaction follows with the questions where I have started, where I have finished and whether is there a way forward. And then, suddenly, the old Me just burst out. Like a butterfly, just like that, and stay here a day or two. Suddenly everything looks like a spring. Music in my head, music in my heart, just music. Music of my youth or music of her youth… it’s not really important.

fountain of youth – chirping sparrows share the joy

Linked to Carpe Diem #1170 fountain


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Linked to Carpe Diem Time Machine #8, Perfume


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swaying bare branches
treetops dance along the river
while the sun sleeps

watching from above
Moon as sheik among the stars
distorts his mustache


njišući gole grane
krošnje plešu duž reke
dok Sunce spava

gledajući odozgo
Mesec, kao šeik među zvezdama,
iskrivio je brk

Linked to Carpe Diem #631, winter solstice


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