The days of curiosity have passed; then the days of excitement, followed by the days of joy; then the days of remorse, hope and forgetfulness. They passed, too. Nostalgia entered; then curiosity, impatience, excitement, joy, remorse, hope and forgetfulness. They have passed, yes. Then aimlessness, and nothingness. Perfect for fear, for uncertainty, for waking up, for curiosity. Everything passes. Just the Sky gives rebirth to the Sun, again and again.

winter morning
sun must be there, somewhere
and me, too


“I’ve heard you like challenges, right? Oh, how exciting that is!”, I heard my own voice in the silence.
“So, honey, let’s check how much you’ve progressed since the last time we spoke!”

“Ok”, I said. “Let’s the fun begin!”
This time I thought I was prepared better than ever.

On the way out, I was greeted by a wet road. I didn’t even notice that it was raining before, but I didn’t care, because I had a small, yellow umbrella in my purse.

Someone wise said – when there is no sun, make your own.
I almost made it this time.

The evening was cold, and the air had some strange weight.

april evening
between trust and carelessness
a thin line


Who would have ever said that the day of awakening would come, a day in which 20 years of illusion would suddenly spill over into the just one single thought: “It was all just a rehearsal”. A trial version, with extended expiration date. But what is it compared to time in which infinity is a unit of measure? The shades make a difference, but sometimes they are so hard to spot.

There is so much to talk about, that even ten books wouldn’t be enough to describe all the adventures of a deceived mind. Adventures that never really existed outside of the twisted world that a mind created itself unconsciously assuming the role of God. Oh, how exciting!

Now, who to blame? Maybe all those strategy video games played during the youth? Or all those weird stories from the favorite movies? Or… Who cares?!Forgive yourself and be thankful for the lessons! At the end, soon or a later everything gets into the place. And you… You would never come this far without them.

moonless night

look how the sky

shines its own colors

50912 – Double Troiku Challenge

mysterious landscapes
rise and unfold before my eyes
worlds of clouds

© Chèvrefeuille

mysterious landscapes ~
getting to know the real self
in silence

rise and unfold before my eyes
a youthful dream
awakened again

worlds of clouds
in a photo without a filter
evoking memories

mysterious landscapes
flooded with hope

getting to know the real self
deep breath and long exhale
~ meditation

in silence
the stars twinkle
creating a melody

rise and unfold before my eyes
new leaves
on the unnamed plant

a youthful dream
hidden between the lines
of the old poems

awakened again
winter sun
enters the room

worlds of clouds ~
flowing down the rock
river makes a foam

in a photo without a filter
preserved magic
of a winter day

evoking memories
music from the radio
again and again

Linked to Carpe Diem #1841 Just a special challenge

Maybe this wasn’t one of my best response, but the most important is that I’m returning back 🙂


It was the hardest but at the same time, the most beautiful part of her life. What is for sure, that was the most powerful period one could even imagine.

Seasons rotate and time has no mercy. Years make wrinkles on her face and each passing year leaves inerasable scars on her body.

Winter on a doorstep reminds her about the transience of everything.

Those who have gone once, never return back.

november full moon ~
a gaze high up to the sky
in vain, my dear child

Linked to Haibun Monday: Being But Human


I left the virtual life coach, disguised as a physics teacher, in a dream (where we met) visibly disappointed in my progress. All the knowledge we acquire quickly disappears if we do not apply it.

At least that’s what I, as someone who teach, should know.

bringing back the past
announcement of the new moon –
empty diary

all battles won long ago
erased from the memory