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New WordPress blog

Dear friends,
I have this blog for a long time and I published so many posts here that I can hardly remember what I have written and where to find it. That’s why decided to open a new WordPress blog where I intend to publish new and rewrite the old things. I also plan to publish more in my mother language.
If you like what I do from time to time, please check it up and click on the Follow button. I’m absolutely sure that you would make me very happy. Thanks in advance and thank for everythig so far.



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Barefoot in a cold sand expecting the answeres, but sky seems so empty tonight. Even the moonlinght, smudged over the silent sea and too worn out in poems, looks like some cheap costume jewelery . From the rocks, not too far, comes a whisper and the light of someone’s mobile phone. Faded colors of the past and the future. Reality and dreams, a watercolor of life. I try to recognize a place between here and there.

departing summer
smeared on a window glass
the last sunset

Linked to Carpe Diem #1231 Serenity (Mystical Threshold by intuitive artist Joan Fullerton)


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behind a parasol 

clouds in fire


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It was very unusual dream, because by nature, I am not a person who yells and expresses my thoughts in affect. So, no wonder that everyone around me was surprised and looked at me completely confused. Yet, it was a great feeling. To bump all papers on a table and to shout out very loud: “Enough! I deserve better!” When you do it in your mind, you really get an incredible power!

ticking clock
a smell of storm
fulfills the air


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Why are you waking me up? It’s almost 40 already and I’m not going anywhere from here. You know that I talk nonsense before the first morning coffee! I really don’t care what’s happening in the Valley of Blackberries and I believe that none from there remembers my name.
I’ve already got used to this calm shade of pines and my swing tangled between the two trees. I can lay here all day and night, enjoying the sunrise, with the headphones on my ears and a pencil in my hand.
Don’t wake me up!

after the kingfisher
trembling circles 
all that remains

Linked to Carpe Diem #1219 Kingfisher (Kawasemi)


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drawing halo
around the moon

Linked to Carpe Diem #1218 Solar Eclipse


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silver moonlight
checking tasks off
to-learn list

Linked to Carpe Diem #1216 moonlight

sudden meeting
face in the mirror
without empathy

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Day One – wrinkled beddings and the scent of lavender that fullfils the air
Day Two – nothing but the fluffy dreams scattered on the pillow
Day Three – scarf of silence lightly spreads across the bare shoulders
Day Four – on the other side, new day is born
Day Five – whole world fits into the poem and a few tones
Day Six – nothingness and the empty hands extended to infinity

another sunset
singing about the distance
bird in a cage


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20707 1

7th day in July always was one of the most important days in the year. Primarily because it was her birthday and she was one of the most loved persons in my life. If there was a luck, she would turn 93 today but she didn’t. Well, they say that we all choose a moment when our souls are ready to leave so I believe them. Still, I hope that she looks at me from above and protect me as she always did. We will meet one day again, won’t we?

white ships
float in the sky
which one is yours?


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20607 2

Silence of the summer nights brings some strange calmness. I entertain the angels on my shoulder playing with the little bubbles of smoke. On a round table, a cup with the inscription “Coffee Time”. It’s too late, I know, but who cares about the unwritten rules?! Certainly not me! Going through my old poems I search for the words that would free out the sun trapped inside of me, but unsuccessfully. Never mind, sometimes it’s better to remain silent.

summer night
every word about you
gives you immortality


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